Pro Numb 1 Numbing Cream


The Pro Numb 1 numbing cream allows your clients to enjoy their treatments without the fear of pain. Using this numbing cream offers several benefits for both the practitioner as well as the client. The Pro Numb 1 numbing cream works well for treatments like microneedling, dermal fillers, hydra pen treatments etc. It also gives you the benefit of offering 39,9% MORE numbing than any other numbing cream.



The Pro Numb 1 numbing cream provides 39.9% more numbing and is very effective to use with dermal filler, microneedling and hydra pen treatments. It should be left on for 15 minutes to get the full effect of the numbing cream. With ingredients such as lidocaine and prilocaine that numbs the feeling in the skin and surrounding tissues, these painful treatments are a lot more comfortable for your clients and changes the way your clients experience treatments.

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